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What does “togetherness” mean to you?

Many words can define togetherness, but “love” does it best.

Caregivers Help Create a Whole New Meaning for the Word

By Sona Mehring, Founder and CEO of CaringBridge

We asked our CaringBridge community the “togetherness” question to in early November, and for a while saw only a trickle of responses. But a few days before Thanksgiving, something happened. The trickle became a flood of thoughtful, personal and often inspiring messages.

Obviously, “togetherness” is something that’s near and dear to everyone, especially around the holidays. And in your comments, we noticed that there are certain words that keep popping up over and over: family, friends, sharing, connection…and of course, love.

All You Need is Love

Pure, unconditional, enduring love has inspired countless songs and poems. It makes the world go ‘round. And it drives the millions of caregivers dedicated to helping a family member or friend who’s coping with a health journey.

What caregivers do, day in and day out — that’s major-league love in action.

Now We Need You, Too

Donations from compassionate, open-hearted people are our only means of support at CaringBridge. We run no ads, don’t sell user information, and make sure every CaringBridge website, email, journal entry and Support Planner is free. It’s all thanks to your love and generosity throughout the year, and especially during our annual Holiday Campaign.

Togetherness in Action

Please read the messages of togetherness, and tell us what togetherness means to you.

Then open your heart so that CaringBridge can continue our mission: being there for everyone who needs the hope, joy and togetherness that comes from staying connected.

Please donate to CaringBridge.

About the Author:

Sona Mehring is the founder and chief ambassador of CaringBridge, the nonprofit organization created in 1997 so people experiencing a health journey can rally their community during a time of need. People invite close family and friends to read about their journey through their own personal CaringBridge website. In return, family and friends can show their love and support by posting encouraging messages. Follow Sona on Twitter – @gogosona.


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