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What “Community” Means to Us – and to You

What “Community” Means to Us – and to You.

History’s first community was probably three or four cold illiterate folks huddled around a fire in a cave, long ago. Our early ancestors quickly figured out that “group living” had a lot going for it.

Through the ages, communities evolved and grew because they consisted of hunters, gatherers, people who could make fires on a cold night and, yes, even caregivers.

Fast-Forward to Today

Communities evolved through the ages – villages grew into towns, cities into huge urban centers, and so on.

Today’s concept of “communities” has broadened out a lot. There are humongous ones: the United States, women, New Jersey residents, Catholics, Latinos and a thousand other “macro” groups are all communities. So are smaller micro-communities – groups with very focused, shared interests and goals: the Kiwanis Club, a football team’s fans, book clubs, the Girl Scouts, Lady Gaga’s fans and so many more.

The Real Force Behind Communities

Whether it’s knitting or Harley-riding, we like to share, enhance and enjoy our interests with other like-minded people. But there’s an even more basic hard-wired need that drives people to join communities.

It’s the fact that no human being wants to be alone.

Caring Communities – the Ultimate Healing Tool

The first CaringBridge Site was started for two parents who had a very premature baby, Brighid. Using it, the couple could easily send updates to their “caring community” – everyone who loved and cared about the child and her parents – and in return they received messages of love, support and comfort from everyone, all the time.

Everyone was connected. Everyone benefited. It was a community in the best sense of the word.

Now, Communities of Love, Hope and Compassion

Hundreds of thousands of “caring communities” have been created since Brighid’s – one for each CaringBridge Site ever started. Because when people are sick or recovering, one thing makes them feel better than anything else: connection. Connection with their “caring community,” the friends and family who really, truly love them.

Nobody wants to be alone. That’s why our Sites are available to anyone who needs one, any time they need it, and always at no cost.

Share This Message Today

There are lots of people right now who could really use the connection, love and healing power a CaringBridge Site delivers. If you know one personally, start a Site for them. If not, somebody else surely does. So please spread the word by sharing this message every way you can.

We also welcome your thoughts and comments.

About the Author:

Tom McNulty is a guest blogger for CaringBridge and the author of “CLEAN LIKE A MAN – Housekeeping for Men (and the Women Who Love Them)”.


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