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Welcome! We have Uplift!

Our new Uplift blog—how to care, how to cope, how to share the hope

CaringBridge has been here for families, friends and loved ones for more than 15 years. Our new blog, Uplift, is the newest way we hope to help. We’ll be sharing entries that speak to what it means to care and to cope. Because we’ve always believed that support matters most during difficult times.

What Will You Find on Uplift?

Personal stories and reflections from past CaringBridge users. Tips to ensure your own wellness and wellbeing. Stories of shared health conditions. Messages from our founder. What will all of our entries have in common? They won’t be what you’re likely to find elsewhere on the Web.

Feel free to comment and to share. Our blog won’t be the same without your voice.

About the Author:

Nell Kauls is a writer who is passionate about producing great content that helps people in their lives. She also blogs about weightloss and wellness at My Life Lived With Fat.


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9 Replies

  • By Debra LaTerza

    Simply…thank you!

  • By Paula Schuck

    This is such a wonderful resource. So grateful to have found it!

  • By Hadley

    What youre saying is completely accurate. I know that everyone ought to say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that every person can comprehend. I also enjoy the images you put in here. They fit so well with what youre trying to say. Im certain youll reach so a lot of men and women with what youve got to say.

  • By Gloria Sandberg

    My Sister-in-law; Jeanne Larkin was Diagnoised With a Cancerous Brain Tumor over a Year Ago; Caring Bridge Was Wonderful For Her & Her Family!! Although She Passed Away After 9 mOnths, the Love & caring Prayers Uplifted the Family Soo Much! Gave Us All Hope For Her & Her Friends & Relatives & Some People She Never Knew, Came Forth With Hope & Love , so Important to her Family & Now We Know Our Loving God Now is Her Her Companion in heaven & one day We Will Join Her!
    I know a Few OthersWhom Have Gotten Support FRom Caring Bridge & are Recovering From Cancer! & Other Whom have gotten Smiles & Gratitude for Caring Bridge!! God Bless all Who can give loving Words &Prayers & Hope!! Even Though They May Never Meet in Person: God Bless Caring Bridge Site & those Who do the Caring & Praying for Healing! Love , Gloria

  • By Sally D.

    Thanks for reading our blog. For more information about maintaining a blog, please visit: http://en.wordpress.com/features/

    CaringBridge Customer Care

  • By Brenda Honer

    Praying for Logan James Elsing and sending best wishes to the family.

  • By Victoria

    I have been reading postings from a friend for about a week that tell of her depression and feeling of separateness. I hope the link to your blog “Uplift” will help her see how she is Not Alone, but, an important part of life’s beautiful and vibrant fabric. Life is surely an Extreme Sport and at times, it takes great courage to play, but rewards are rich and powerful for those who take that plunge! Go For It!

  • By Pharmf264

    Hello! interesting site! I’m really like it! Very, very good!

  • By maria

    Hi my name is maria im 27 and I have just started a blog of my own personal experience of finding out I have cervical cancer 6 weeks ago it helps me to talk about it and share my experience on a weekly basis its still very early days I have not beat it yet but I know I can aslong as I can stay strong and positive! I would be very grateful if you could put your thoughts and feedback on my blog http://www.simplesite.com/xxmariaxx Thanks!