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Volunteering: Showing Kids How Giving Can Give Back


Volunteering with my daughter has become a very important part of our world. My daughter Olivia suffered from learning disorders in elementary school. We worked with the school to get her grades up, but she was still bullied and didn’t have any friends. As she grew she made friends, but as an outgoing young lady she wanted more, so we decided to try out for a local Ambassador program. Although she wasn’t selected for the program, the experience yielded a wonderful result; she learned she loved volunteering.

Through the years we have found ways for her to volunteer for many different organizations so she could discover new talents, improve her self-esteem and make new friends. We looked for events on volunteermatch.org so we could filter by age category (teen). We focused on causes that had events that appealed to her. She enjoys outdoor fundraisers such as walks, activity-based events (CaringBridge and Operation Glass Slipper), as well as community events (Eagan July 4th Funfest). When we volunteer at the events I try to give her space so she can do what works best for her, and so she feels positive about the experience. She prefers to be involved directly with people and not to do behind-the-scenes work, so I usually fill in the gap for what’s needed. That way we all have our needs met – Olivia can feel good about herself, I am fulfilled seeing her flourish and feel good giving back. On top of all of that, we can make an organization happy too.

Is your kid do-gooder? How has volunteering influenced their relationships with others? Share your thoughts below.

About the Author:

Jane Pierce is a wife and mother of two who is all about leaving a legacy. After a career in finance & accounting, she has been dedicated to her family and community through volunteerism.


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2 Replies

  • By Michelle

    Thank you for sharing your daughter’s inspiring story and the many benefits of volunteering. I remember my first time volunteering in high school, serving food at a drop-in center. That one experience led to volunteering for a year after college and my current work at a nonprofit. I agree that volunteering is one of the absolute best ways to learn new things and get involved in the community.

  • By laura a.

    This was awesome! Thank you to Jane and Olivia for their wonderful volunteering spirit! You’re making the world a much better place.