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Virtual Communities – a World of Connections

Virtual communities – a world of connections

In the old days (pre- 1995 or so), we used to think of “communities” as neighborhoods or small towns, made up of people who lived within certain blocks or city limits. Only geography determined where and what a real-life community was.

Well, the Internet changed those rules for good. Today’s “virtual communities” are connected online, and their only real boundary is between people who are members and those who aren’t.

They can easily be called “social networks,” too.

Jugglers Without Borders

Both real-life and virtual communities offer their members the fellowship of people with common interests, plus support, information and friendship.

A virtual community can have an unlimited number of members, and can connect folks in South Dakota, Siberia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden – anywhere, really – who share an interest or passion (juggling, cooking, politics), or another type of connection (friendship, faith, a health condition).

Facebook, Pinterest and CaringBridge

These are just three of the many virtual communities borne of the Internet.

  • Facebook, the largest of all, connects “friends” but is still rather “all about me,” because “I” share “my” experiences, causes, things I like and what I think with a few quick keystrokes.
  • Pinterest, just a few years old, is a cool photo-sharing site where users post images to “boards” based on events, interests and hobbies: food, cars, movies, travel, home design, sports, art and more.
  • CaringBridge is a whole different animal. Often it’s more than just a connection point – it can be a lifeline. Let’s talk.

CaringBridge is All About You, Not Us

We’re a health social network that keeps people who are ill or recovering (and their caregivers) connected with everybody who loves and cares about them, wants updates, and will do anything to support them. Their “caring community.”

“When someone has a health condition, friends can become disengaged because they don’t want to bother the person,” says Sona Mehring, our founder. “They don’t call or visit because they think he or she wants to be left alone.

“Just the opposite is true,” she says. “People on a health journey never want to feel alone. A CaringBridge Site inspires people to stay in touch and makes it easy. Their love and support is very healing.”

Please Share This Post, Start a Site, or Both

If you know someone who needs the connection of CaringBridge, start a Site for them (seven out of 10 Sites are created by someone else). If not, a friend of yours might. So please share this news with every member of every “virtual community” you belong to.

About the Author:

Tom McNulty is a guest blogger for CaringBridge and the author of “CLEAN LIKE A MAN – Housekeeping for Men (and the Women Who Love Them)”.


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