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The Six Most-read, Most-loved Uplift Blog Entries From the Last Three Months

Top Six Uplift Blog Posts

Every entry on CaringBridge’s Uplift blog offers valuable insight and advice, of course, but we’re always eager to discover what readers find most enjoyable – passing pieces on to others, “liking” articles on Facebook, and so forth. Here are the top six blog posts from the last three months. If you missed them, take the time to circle back and see why others took the time to read and respond with enthusiasm.

  1. Spotting the early signs of Alzheimer’s
    When you forget something, what’s normal – and what’s alarming? Our experts outline three situations that suggest early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Check out some early signs of Alzheimer’s.
  2. Book review: “Tell My Sons…”
    A look at Lieutenant Colonel Mark Weber’s memoir about living with gastrointestinal-cancer. Weber recalls the agony of his initial diagnosis; recollects his pre-cancer life as a father, husband, and military man; and reveals how he learned to make the best of any situation—even cancer. Read the “Tell My Sons…” book review.
  3. June Family of the Month
    How parents Jeff and Janell used CaringBridge to keep loved ones up to date on their daughter’s cancer treatment and benefited from an outpouring of comfort and support in return. Read more about Jeff and Janell’s CaringBridge journey.
  4. Keeping siblings together
    A mother reflects on her decision to move her family across the country for her daughter’s cancer treatment, and how the experience served as a lesson in compassion and empathy for her other children. Read about their journey and share your comments.
  5. Sharing stories can ease symptoms of illness
    What good is storytelling? This ancient art is not only important to individuals and society, it’s also an essential tool that helps people cope. Here, some expert tips on how to effectively write your story. View storytelling tips and provide us with some of your own.
  6. Words from my sister
    Author Cheryl Karpen tells how her sister managed to find the silver lining in her battle with congestive heart failure and cancer and used her CaringBridge Journal to challenge her loved ones to do the same. Read Cheryl’s story and see how her sister saw the best in every situation.

Did your favorite make the list?

Unfortunately, not all of post could make the list. Tell us your favorite post in the comments section, share one of our top six posts with your caring community or tell us what you’d like to see on the Uplift blog!

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