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Why It’s Worth Making A Health Journey Scrapbook

Why It’s Worth Making A Health Journey Scrapbook

Whether you’re a caregiver or someone receiving care, this is an important time of your life. You might not realize it now, but there are aspects of this journey you’ll want to remember (trust us!). Creating a scrapbook will keep all facets of your health journey in one place. Not only will this project give you something constructive to do if you have a lot of unexpected down time, but it can help fill in any missing memories that may come along later.

It’s Therapeutic

You might find it therapeutic to scrapbook memories of your journey– it can help you put the bad days in the past and look toward the future. When you see where you were, you’ll realize how far you’ve come along the path.

Looking at all these things while you work could also spark new memories that you’ll want to write down and incorporate. It’s OK to include thoughts about bad days as well as the good ones. Looking at the whole picture is healthy.

It Sparks Creativity

Creating a scrapbook may also spark your creativity. You can relax while you design, arrange, cut, paste, label and decorate. It’s a positive opportunity to think about something other than your current situation.

What should you include in your scrapbook? Anything you’d like – there are no rules. In addition to photos, you might have old hospital ID bracelets, brochures explaining procedures, cards from well-wishers, special emails or letters, or perhaps a dried flower from an arrangement.

It is Your Creation

If you look at sample scrapbooks created by others, don’t be intimidated. You may not have the time or strength to design a scrapbook that could win awards, and you don’t need to. Your scrapbook only needs to be as elaborate as you want it to be.

You can find ideas for what to include in your scrapbook online and at local craft stores – where you’ll be amazed at the decorative items you can buy. You may be able to find a class for scrapbook beginners in your area.

Whether it’s simple or ornate, your scrapbook will be a reminder of your health care journey.

How do You Document Your Health Journey?

Have you created a scrapbook? Or did you create something else to document your health journey? What got you started, and what has been its impact? We’d love you to share your tips with us. Please share your suggestions and questions below.

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