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Reshaping your dreams

There is strength in an extended health social network.

In her recent WebMD post, guest blogger Karin Gelschus offers an intimate look into her life with lupus. She shares memories of backyard hockey and her childhood dream of playing on an Olympic team. Later, as a young adult, she yearned to be a writer. That came true when she landed a job at a national magazine.

As symptoms of her chronic condition came to the forefront, Karin wondered how she’d ever be able to achieve any future dreams.

She writes, “’Start out small,’ my doctor prescribed. At that point, it was hard for me to even open pill bottles or walk due to merciless arthritis, so I started with only 5 minutes on a treadmill. It was hard not to get upset and discouraged being that just four months earlier I was running 13-plus miles.”

Often, coping with illness like Karin’s can trigger depression, which often aggravates the condition. This is especially true if the disease causes pain and fatigue, or limits a person’s ability and desire to interact with others. Karin has faced all these life-altering challenges and has given them a lot of thought, which she’s summed up in a very provocative blog on her patient website.

Read Reshaping Your Dreams in its entirety on WebMD’s A Different Normal: Living with a Chronic Condition blog.
Karin wants to know, have you modified your dreams? What dreams are you still chasing despite your (or a spouse or family member’s) diagnosis?

About the Author:

Karin Gelschus, a guest blogger for CaringBridge, was diagnosed with lupus at 23. She’s a regular guest blogger on WebMD’s A Different Normal blog. She welcomes your questions, ideas or comments.


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2 Replies

  • By sarah

    she could do it with the help of a counseler too if she tried she could do anything in the world

  • By christina simpkins

    thank you …once again you have brought such empowering information .. and you have done so with truth and ‘solution seeking’ possibilities !
    one of my best friends ( she is also my mentor, earth angel, and all around remarkable lady) also has lupus and she has brought such empowering ideas and solutions to me ( and many others as she speaks to groups of people who are bound and determined to move through… and like your post , she to is a luminous healer …quietly from a distance or up close… her power is never ending and for this and many other reasons i am so grateful
    i was recently diagnosed with cancer ( hence my little adventure at the hospital) and i – just to balance it all out – i have been told i also have lupus.. my point ( if i have one) would be :
    IF I AGREE TO STAY HONEST , OPEN, WILLING ( H.O.W.) then i might have a fighting chance!
    This site will be a great tool for me .thank you . and i will be certain to share this will my dearest friend i just mentioned…. and anyone out there who could benefit from such positive, professional, and even creative care! Thank you !!!!!!!!
    BE WELL DEAR ONES!!!!!!!!!