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Crafting from the Heart — A CaringBridge Sweet 16 Cake

Sweet 16

Who doesn’t love cake? The answer, of course, is almost no one. And 97% of those people are most likely gluten intolerant (I made up that statistic, but it sounds accurate). Unfortunately, there isn’t always an occasion to justify making a cake. So, we have to anxiously wait months until […]

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Only Donations Keep Love, Hope and Compassion Flowing

CaringBridge helps people connect when they need it most.

If Kristen Sayers had ever wondered what people meant by “the power of words,” now she knows. “I’m afraid you have breast cancer,” the doctor told her on that August day in 2012. Those were the six words that left her shocked, numb, and in disbelief. She was a 32-year-old […]

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Timesaving Tips for Today’s Busy Caregiver.


How to Create More Time and Streamline Your Life With Some Timesaving Tips Life has lots of moving parts, and all of them eat up the clock. As jam-packed most of our lives are, that’s a real issue. You have errands to run, shopping to do, meetings to attend, kids […]

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Developing a Voice for Your Illness

A unique style and voice for your writings makes them more effective.

In 2012, I wrote a blog post titled, “Stories of illness and the capacity to empower, inspire and heal”. In it, I discussed the three main types of illness stories: the restitution narrative, which focuses on the return to health; the chaos narrative, which can’t imagine the return to health; […]

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The Sharing Continues


The CaringBridge Share Your Heart contest winner continues to spread love, hope and compassion to those facing a health journey by donating one of her iPad mini prizes. Last month, Ellen Joyce submitted this entry to the contest: My daughter’s nonprofit improves the quality of life for children receiving medical […]

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