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National Volunteer Week: Volunteering + Work

National Volunteer Week 2014

We celebrate National Volunteer Week because we are inspired by our volunteers and want you to have the same kind of transformational experience. Each day we are delivering a post about taking action and encouraging individuals to be at the center of social change – discovering and demonstrating a collective power to make a difference. Check out the kick-off message and get motivated to give back.

Volunteering isn’t limited to your free time—it can also be something you do with the help of your employer and co-workers. Volunteering through work has been gaining popularity for the past few years for mutually beneficial reasons.

For employees, it is an opportunity to make a bigger impact through the help of funding and increased options from employers while companies are shifting their focus to corporate social responsibility. Organizations like U.S. Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cisco are great examples of this impactful change. Studies have shown when employers provide volunteering opportunities, not only does it allow them to be a member of the community but also it has increased productivity within their offices.

Does your employer offer ways to get involved?

Ask your Human Resources department about volunteering or see if some co-workers want to help over lunch. Your first volunteering action can be turning your workplace into a place that encourages everyone to give back.

Share how your workplace supports volunteering in our comments section below.

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