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National Volunteer Week: Eco Volunteering

National Volunteer Week 2014

We celebrate National Volunteer Week because we are inspired by our volunteers and want you to have the same kind of transformational experience. Each day we are delivering a post about taking action and encouraging individuals to be at the center of social change – discovering and demonstrating a collective power to make a difference. Check out the kick-off message and get motivated to give back.

Today, in our week long salute to volunteers, we’re challenging you to head outdoors and think green. Eco volunteering in ways that help the planet not only makes an immediate impact on you and your community, but also helps generations to come.

Get started with these pro-planet opportunities to make the world an even more wonderful place.

  • The Nature Conservancy
    The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to protect nature and preserve life—no matter where you live. With earth day coming up (April 22nd), The Nature Conservancy has set up events to jump-start volunteering. Find out if your state has an event. The Nature Conservancy also offers five excellent DIY ways to get involved outdoors in your own community.
  • Looking for some more ideas on earth-focused volunteering? Go to Volunteermatch and search for ‘outdoors’ or ‘nature’ in your area to find ways to volunteer green.

Share your favorite way to volunteer and help the planet in our comments section below.

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  • By Rashed

    Thats truly a brave and good idea. I just love to do this kind of works. I have a small IT firm and every year in my country we organize similiar like this. :)

    Thanks for let us comment here :)