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National Volunteer Week: Speaking up to Give Back

National Volunteer Week 2014

We celebrate National Volunteer Week because we are inspired by our volunteers and want you to have the same kind of transformational experience. Each day we are delivering a post about taking action and encouraging individuals to be at the center of social change – discovering and demonstrating a collective power to make a difference. Check out the kick-off message and get motivated to give back.

Sometimes organizations need people to raise awareness and advocate on their behalf, so speaking for an organization can be just as important as physical volunteering. Here are some tips:

  • Share Data
    Provide individuals unfamiliar with an organization or cause with easy-to-understand data. This helps spark an informed conversation and avoids miscommunication.
  • Share Stories
    Most organizations work to help when there are needed most, meaning there are great stories to share and rally behind. Telling first-hand or compelling stories about your organization’s impact is a great way to generate interest and support.
  • Use Relationships and Influence
    Sometimes it is as simple as checking your connections: friends, co-workers or past employers might be able to help influence public opinion, shape policies, or simply spread the word. You’d be surprised at what can get done with a little bit of help from people you already know.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network uses these techniques within their PALS (Patient and Liaison Services) Program.

CaringBridge also offers advocacy opportunities through our Speakers Bureau.

Want to send a shout-out to an organization you love? Share it in our comments section below.

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Laura Ashburn works as a Content Specialist in San Diego. In her free time she enjoys cooking whenever she can and spending time exploring California and all it has to offer.


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