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How to decide what to share in your health journal

What — and how much — to share in a Personal Health Journal

Many people keep a journal, a place where they can write down everything from daily events to their innermost thoughts and feelings. It can be a very personal, even therapeutic exercise, especially when the writer is experiencing a health journey, or is a caretaker helping a friend or family member cope with a variety of health challenges.

Sona Mehring, founder and CEO of CaringBridge, has unique perspective on this topic, since one of the many uses of the social media sites sponsored by CaringBridge is to provide a platform for personal health journals about your unique experiences of coping with illness, being a caretaker, and connecting people with love and hope.

Her recent blog post on WebMD explores social media, CaringBridge-style, the value of staying connected, and the personal choices journal authors must make as far as what information about their experience, and how much of it, they’re comfortable sharing with a larger audience.

At the end, she invites you to share your thoughts and comments on social media journaling — how did you decide what information to share about your health or caregiver experience?

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