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“Hope Conquers All” Reveals CaringBridge Founder’s Motivation With Inspiring Stories

“Hope Conquers All” is filled with inspirational stories.

In her new book “Hope Conquers All” (Center Street/Hachette Book Group, August 2013), Sona Mehring reveals that the illness and death of her friends’ infant in 1997 was the catalyst for the very first CaringBridge Site. Today, her nonprofit organization enables millions of people each year to share information during health events, streamlining communication between countless family members and friends.

“When that precious little girl lost her battle for life, I knew I couldn’t let the concept die along with Brighid,” writes Mehring. “To my surprise, dozens of people thanked me directly for keeping them informed and giving them the ability to directly support her parents JoAnn and Darrin.

“I left feeling even more inspired, knowing that rolling out CaringBridge was no longer a choice – it was a calling.”

Stories That Cover a Range of Emotions

“Hope Conquers All” is filled with heartfelt first-person stories from actual CaringBridge users describing their health journeys, ranging from cancer to lifesaving transplants and accidents, from young children to seniors and everyone in-between. All the narratives talk about how important CaringBridge became as they negotiated their challenging paths.

The stories also describe the hope and compassion CaringBridge amplified in the form of supportive messages friends and loved ones are able to send…something Mehring says has deepened her own faith.

“Every day I feel blessed to know that the work I do brings comfort, love, and strength to others in their hour of need. I have always enjoyed working with people and technology, but the opportunity to work at something that impacts people’s lives so powerfully and positively takes me from ‘enjoyment’ to ‘joyous.’”

A Lifeline of Love, Hope and Compassion

CaringBridge was the first social media site, started seven years before Facebook, and it showed how effective the Internet could be for building online social communities. Over half a million people connect on CaringBridge Sites every day, because it’s such a simple, user-friendly way to share information about a person’s health issue. It also amplifies the support and encouraging messages received from well-wishers.

Feel the Emotion of “Hope Conquers All”

Order your copy of Hope Conquers All” today. All author proceeds are donated to CaringBridge, helping to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier.

About the Author:

Melissa Maggio is the Senior Public Relations Specialist at CaringBridge.


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