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“Hope Conquers All” Interview with Author Sona Mehring

Author discusses “Hope Conquers All”

Author Sona Mehring is the founder of CaringBridge.org – the online social network that helps people negotiate health journeys in the best possible way: supported by all the love, hope, and compassion their families and friends can share with them.

Now She Has a Book, “Hope Conquers All”

Her new book is a collection of warm, uplifting stories by some of the very people who’ve used CaringBridge Sites over the years. Their words describe feelings of compassion and grief, love and hope, and the beauty of the human spirit.

Sona recently took a few moments to describe how “Hope Conquers All” evolved from a simple idea into a book that explores the many prisms through which one can view life, in good times and bad.

Q: What Sparked the Idea for This Book?

Sona: The inspirational stories I see every day on our CaringBridge Sites. Every one of them is so personal, unique and touching…I wanted to share some of them.

Q: Do You Have Any -Personal Connections With the People Featured in These Stories?

Sona: Many of the stories came from people who were reaching out to us at CaringBridge, so I got to know them better. The process was looking at what they said on their sites, how they described their day-to-day “health journeys.” Then we interviewed them, sometimes several times per story. I felt like I’d known them for a long time.

Q: Between Chapters, You Added Notable Quotes, Tips on Caregiving, and Your Own Personal Reflections on Love and Compassion. How Did These Evolve?

Sona: These are meant as a way to pause and breathe between the stories. Sometimes it’s not a direct reflection of the story, but it might be a quote, a piece of advice, or a nugget of wisdom I’ve gleaned from elsewhere.

Q: How Long Did it Take You to Put the Book Together?

Sona: It’s been a good year-and-a-half of commitment to the project, from writing the initial proposal to bringing it to a literary agent who found the right publisher. Then we – my collaborator and I – moved forward to make sure we had the right stories.

Q: Who Had Influence in Shaping the Narratives in “Hope Conquers All?”

Sona: My collaborator had the idea of a first-person viewpoint rather than a third, and I like that each chapter is told in a different style and “voice” throughout the book. My publisher and agent offered suggestions on the tone of the writing and how many stories there should be in the book.

Q: How Do You Expect the Book to Affect Readers?

Sona: I think people will be drawn to the stories because of similar journeys they or a friend or loved one has experienced. I hope they see that being able to connect with someone during a difficult time can amplify love, hope and compassion.

Order “Hope Conquers All” Now

“Hope Conquers All” is available today. Get your copy now from AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound, or other bookstores. All author proceeds are donated to CaringBridge, helping each family’s health journey a little bit easier.

About the Author:

Tom McNulty is a guest blogger for CaringBridge and the author of “CLEAN LIKE A MAN – Housekeeping for Men (and the Women Who Love Them)”.


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  • By BestOfHomeCare.com

    Congratulations on the new book. As people are struggling with health issues of one kind or another, whether the issues be their own or a loved one, an uplifting and inspiring word can go a long way. Thank you for putting this book together.