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Creating Special Moments This Holiday Season

Creating Special Moments This Holiday Season

Take a moment and recall one of your favorite holidays. The almost-electric buzz from all the excitement, your family and friends smiling because you’re all together, the beautiful decorations—all snapshots that are forever in your memory.

Most likely, the memories of the holidays you hold closest are those of the special moments created not necessarily what gifts you received. Yes, gifts are a part of the season but what is just as, if not more, important is how you are creating those special moments with your loved ones that they can remember for years to come.

The Element of Surprise

Sometimes taking extra time to create that special moment really does pay off. A great example of this would be in the Hallmark movie CHRISTMAS IN CONWAY. When his wife is in need of a hopeful boost, one of the main characters recreates the magical night of their engagement in the backyard, resulting in a lasting memory that she will never forget. You don’t have to go over-the-top in order to make a moment unforgettable. The parts of the experience that they will remember will be the time, love and effort you took in order to create it.

Creating Memories Together

Another way to conjure those special moments with your loved ones, on a smaller scale, is to create something together. Set aside some time one afternoon and make a bunch of holiday treats. Cakes, bars and cookies could all make the list of items to create but it is spending those few hours together that will be what is remembered for years to come. If you are looking for ideas on what to make, here are some chefs that took the 12 days of Christmas concept and turned it into 12 days of cookies.

Saying You Care Out loud

Telling those around you that you care for them around the holidays will be something that will warm up the season. Some great ideas could be leaving little positive, thoughtful notes around the house for them to find reminding them you care. If they live at a distance, sending a card with a kind message or even giving them a call just say how much they mean to you could really brighten their day. Finding a special way to tell those you care about how much they mean will be memories that stay with them forever.

Whether you decide to make a grand gesture like the characters in CHRISTMAS IN CONWAY or just take the time to tell someone how much they mean to you, the memories created will be those that last a very long time.

Your Special Memories

What special moments do you create for your family, friends and loved ones around the holidays? Do you recreate old family photos or dance around to Christmas music in the living room? Provide your memories and ideas in the comments section below it might inspire someone else to start their own.

About the Author:

Laura Ashburn works as a Content Specialist in San Diego. In her free time she enjoys cooking whenever she can and spending time exploring California and all it has to offer.


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  • By Carol

    I would like to send a couple of pictures. How can I do this?

  • By Laura Ashburn

    Hi Carol!
    If you’d like to send some pictures, you can send them to my email (lashburn@caringbridge.org) or if you’d like to post your favorite picture and mention this post on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CaringBridge) either way would work!

    Thanks for your interest in sharing your favorite holiday moments! We are excited to see what traditions you have!

    Laura Ashburn

  • By Kimberly

    Recognizing right now that this a journey! I do not know why this is happening to me after being medically cured since 1995 and finishing my military career on 1 April 2004 but I know my God is a healer and I know he isn’t through with me yet HE has a job for me to do.

  • By Ada