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Holiday Decorations for Any Age

Holiday Decorations for Any Age

‘Tis the time of year when home decorations make dark days seem brighter. Crafting is a great way to spend time together, and it doesn’t require a lot of running around either. (It’s festive and restive!)

10 Easy Christmas Ornaments
Allison McDonald of No Time for Flash Cards remembers making her first holiday ornament: it involved a spool of thread and some wrapping paper. Nothing too fancy—but it made quite an impression. Here, she offers tips for 10 easy ornaments that anyone can complete. Hang them—no matter if it’s from a tree or on the wall; you’ll still create a memory.

Ribbon Trees and Messages of Joy
The Chirping Moms blog has two easy ideas to add holiday joy to any environment. To make a ribbon tree, all you need are patterned ribbons, stickers, and small canvases (all easily available at a local craft store)—plus glue sticks or a glue gun. Affix looped pieces of ribbon into a tree shape onto the canvas, then add a sticker for ornaments or a star, and there you have it—a decorated tree without the fuss or mess. You can also pick up some plain letters at a craft store—“Joy” or your favorite holiday adjective—paint the letters, glue them to the canvas and it’s ready for hanging.

Wreath Decorating
Home Made Simple suggests personalizing a wreath to display hospitality and family unity. Find basic wreaths either at a local florist or a faux version at a craft store. Then, get inspired! For a family-centric theme, find some small, unadorned frames that you can also embellish. Fill with family pictures, then attach to the wreath. Or add texture with feathers or ribbons. (Don’t forget floral wire, a glue gun, or other ways to attach your finds to the wreath.) The sky’s the limit!

Your Home Decoration Creations

What holiday decorations do you make with your loved ones, family and friends? Share  your crafts and directions in the comments section below and if you have pictures share them on our Facebook page and link it back to this post. We’d love to see what you are creating!

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Katie Dohman is a freelance writer and editor living in St. Paul with her husband, new baby girl, and two rescue mutts.


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