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Share Your Heartfelt Moments

Share Your Heartfelt Moments

Certain moments in our lives are worth remembering, celebrating and sharing. It is those everyday moments that fill your heart with joy that you’ll never forget and that still bring a smile to your face. These are the heartfelt moments we will always celebrate.

Here are a few of the heartwarming moments we’ve gathered, and share your special moments in words or photos in the comments below.

Sophia’s Moment of Hope, Strength and Courage

Sophia and her siblings sharing a moment

Sophia V.’s entire high school came together in an incredible video to support her during her cancer journey. Their motto: Hope. Strength. Courage.

First Moments

Christine’s nephew’s special hiking moment

Christine snapped this photo of her two-year-old nephew on his first hike, enjoying the wonder of nature.

An Uncle’s Gift of Time

Brian & Grigg’s heartfelt moment

Ronda invited her older brother, who has cerebral palsy, to spend the day with her son to play trains and have a special lunch.

What’s Your Heartfelt Moment?

Our lives are full of everyday, heartfelt moments – uplifting experiences or acts of kindness that inspire and encourage. They make the world a warmer, kinder, better place.

Perhaps you have a photo that captures a moment like this in your life, or a memory that you look back on fondly. Would you share that moment with us? Share a moment that filled your heart with joy in the comments below or on Pinterest with the hashtag #heartfelt.

About the Author:

Michelle Van Engen is the Senior E-communications Specialist at CaringBridge, communicating with families on a health journey since 2010. When she’s not online, she’s probably reading, playing volleyball, baking or checking items off her life list.


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23 Replies

  • By Troy

    Here is our daughter meeting her cousin for the first time. His name is Colt, which she can’t pronounce… so she calls him Taco.

  • By Christine

    Watching my best friend and her dad during a surprise fireworks display on her wedding day.

  • By Michelle

    My roommates and I sledding and playing in the snow after a big MN blizzard.

  • By Melissa

    Watching my son run around an apple orchard.

  • By Laura Ashburn

    I really enjoy spending time with my some of my greatest and best friends. They are beautiful ladies inside and out and I treasure our heartfelt moments everyday.

  • By Shelly

    Spending an afternoon with my sisters baking Christmas cookies was a great way for us to enjoy each other’s company and slow down during the busy holidays.

  • By Joyce Collins

    What a wonderful thing to share. I know so many that have these moments and it helps to share.

  • By Dode

    My husband went home to be with the Lord in 2011, three months after being diagnosed with cancer..He, too, was the recipient of a quilt made lovingly by some church ladies. What a gift!

  • By Margaret

    My daughter, Ann, got a new liver transplant 7 years ago this month. She is doing great. I am so thankful for those who are donors.

  • By karen Sieg

    I enjoy reading and writing to people who need encouragement. I can do that from home and while I am a stay at home mom and grandma. Mostly grandma now.

  • By missy brown

    I have been diagnosed with two life threatening illnesses and I myself received a quilt for prayer. I find that when I feel like I’m all alone, I look at it and am reminded of how many people love and pray for me everyday!

  • By Bill Davis

    These are all so inspirational. Thank you.

  • By Linda Kolb

    Many people helped me as I journeyed through the early stages of Breast Cancer. Family and friends wrapped their arms around me in prayer. I think of all those before and after who beat cancer and won their race. I pray for all those whose loved one left too soon because of cancer. They will never be forgotten.

  • By Doris

    I recently visited a former student who is spending his life in prison. A few days after the visit I had a letter from him telling me how much it has meant to him that I have kept in touch with him over quite a number of years. It feels so good to know you can bring joy to a person in such difficult circumstances and to have that person show appreciation. Even in prison, people need friends and I’m glad I can be that friend to this person.

  • By tammie osborn sisco

    My baby brother lost his battle with small cell lung cancer on september 19 2013 and he had a quilt that comforted him as well. But the most wonderful thing about my brother Bob he fought and kept the most positive attitude I have ever seen up to the last day. He made his family so proud and I hope when my day comes I can be like he was. The strongest and most loving person ever. I love you brother.

  • By tammie osborn sisco

    This is a picture of us and my older sister jackie on our family camping trip tto Detroit Lake July 25th 2013.you wouldn’t have even known he was sick..still the most loving guy ever.

  • By Patricia D.

    On my birthday my nephew Alex (10 years old) wrote a love song for me. Many smiles:)

  • By Christine

    That sounds like the sweetest thing ever Particia D.! My heart would melt if my nephew did that for me:-)

  • By Olga Castro

    On December 21st, me and my friends have decided to distribute hugs through the streets of Lisbon in Portugal, just before Christmas. It was our Christmas gift to the persons that we found in the street! This is a photo of a very good friend of mine, taken by a stranger, that have posted it on facebook on the next day! :) The card says “Free Hugs” in portuguese! And it was a lovely saturday morning… :) To repeat in the near future!

  • By Barbara Westell

    The special moments certainly make one stop and think about their own life. Absolutely beautiful!

  • By Marlene Papich Terrell

    My daughter, Jennifer was killed in a double-fatal car accident 21 years ago. I opened an angel shop in her memory, A PLACE FOR US. I sang at children’s funerals (a first) and at weddings. I gave motivational talks on HOPE just telling the story of Jennifer, her life, her death and the legacy she left…and how I dealt with her death. This has brought me to a wonderful ministry to those who are suffering the loss of a child – it is different, difficult and life-changing. I chose to be BETTER because I got to be her earthly mother for 19 years.
    I made a good choice!!
    Recently, our brother Danny went home to Heaven. We are never ready to see them go.
    Three years ago our precious Mother, Elna, age 94 – left us for Heaven.
    Each of these deaths (and lives) challenge us to…BE BETTER, NOT BITTER.

  • By Quinn McClellan

    I doodled this in the sand for the love of my life. He’s battling liver cancer and I cherish every second the Good Lord gives us together.

  • By Dennis

    In May 2010 my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with bone met. I have watched her fight for life and enjoy what time we have together. In December 2012 her pet scan showed cancer in her legs, hips, back, shoulders and arms. It also was in her bone marrow which caused her to have 4 blood transfusions last year because of it. Today thanks to many prayers and a great staff at her doctors over 80% of her cancer is gone. She will never be free but her recovery is a miracle.