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How to Choose the Right Thank-You Gifts for Caregivers.

The Right Gift Shows How Much You Appreciate a Caregiver’s Time and Effort.

Whether a caregiver is a healthcare professional, a family member or a friend, taking care of someone facing a health challenge can be a thankless task. This is especially true if a caregiver is working with someone who has long-term needs.

Thank-you gifts for caregivers don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. As with any gift, it’s the thought that counts. Even small tokens of appreciation can impress caregivers who are dedicated to looking after a person who needs help.

Caregivers Always Appreciate a Timely Break

The gift of time can be a very meaningful way to show how much you appreciate the time and effort a relative or friend spends on caregiving. A gift certificate for some “me time” at a spa or salon is ideal. So is an offer to take their place for a day. They can escape their normal routine and return as refreshed and rejuvenated caregivers.

Healthcare professionals may not be allowed to accept gifts per se, but they’ll often appreciate a bit of friendly conversation. Asking them about their family and interests will take their mind off the time clock.

Share the Song in your Heart

Music makes a great personal gift. It can be relaxing and healing, of course. It can also trigger memories of good times. Consider a CD if you know what kind of music a caregiver likes. Or if you’re uncertain what kind of music the recipient would enjoy, give a gift card for online music downloads.

Gift Baskets Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Gift baskets of fruit, flowers or pampering bath items will brighten a tired caregiver’s outlook. In fact, flowers have been scientifically proven to ease depression and refresh memory — and flowers can be ordered online and delivered almost anywhere the same day.

Of course, you should never send flowers, nuts, candy or anything similar to a person who may be allergic to any of these items.

What Are Your Best Caregiver Gift Ideas?

Have you ever given a caregiver gift that was a big hit with the recipient? Please share it with all our readers today, right here.

About the Author:

Tom McNulty is a guest blogger for CaringBridge and the author of “CLEAN LIKE A MAN – Housekeeping for Men (and the Women Who Love Them)”.


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2 Replies

  • By M. Ricci

    I am a quilter/sewer and have made or purchased table runners or a placemat set for a kitchen table. I’ve also given a wreath for a front door (a red, white and blue one can be given to a man) which can be decorative but with artificial flowers in case of allergies.

  • By DeAnne

    My sister is my caregiver (along with others.), I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family! She takes care of three other people and still takes time for me too. I have TBI and if anybody has that they know how tough that can be. I know that a lot of other people need her, but she’s mine! If you have some inexspensive ideas please suggest them