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Four Funny, Fascinating Flicks

Four fun family flicks

It’s easy to lose sight of taking some time for yourself among all the preparations, expenditures, and obligations of being a caregiver. Sometimes it feels like taking a break is impossible, or that you need a two-week trip to the Bahamas (stat!) to lower the stress-o-meter. But sometimes, all you need to hit the reset button is a cozy night in—popcorn bowl and hot chocolate in hand—for movie night with the family. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

For Tots

Forget that rule about screen time: even babies will love this film about…babies. With nearly no dialogue whatsoever, the director and “actors”—it’s an observational documentary of sorts—shows us all how common our first years of life are, whether you live in Mongolia or California. Heartwarming and fascinating.

For the Entire Family

The Fantastic Mr. Fox
This stop-motion animated movie was remade from the mind of the brilliant director Wes Anderson from the Roald Dahl classic book. With characters voiced by George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman, this story about a fox outsmarting three chicken farmers is truly delightful. And talk about a diamond in the rough: It’s just subversive and witty enough for adults and a classically silly story for kids to enjoy.

For Adults

Win Win
This sleeper film is rich in character, plot, and even touches lightly on some caregiver topics! Paul Giamatti stars in this quirky dramedy about shielding his family from financial stress, a child who needs a second chance, and a client in a nursing home. What results is a lesson learned over high school wrestling matches. Heartfelt, but not sappy, it will leave you inspired and rooting for everyone to win—and it will make you laugh, too.

For Romantics

Love Actually
Released in 2003, this movie, which follows the love stories of eight different couples in London right before Christmas, has become a new classic. Funny, sweet, and touching, it explores the complexity of love and how it truly does triumph over all—in surprising ways.

Your Family Favorites

What movies make your family’s list of must-sees? Share your favorites below in our comments section; everyone enjoys a great movie recommendation!

About the Author:

Katie Dohman is a freelance writer living in West St. Paul with her husband, two babies and two rescue mutts. You can find her on Twitter @katiedohman.


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  • By Michelle

    Love Actually is one of my favorite movies! I re-watch it every holiday season. A note that it is not appropriate for families or kids, however.