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Keep Kids’ Boredom at Bay with Crafts!

Keep Kids’ Boredom at Bay with Crafts!

Caregiving is often a matter of juggling tasks – making sure the person for whom you’re caring has everything he or she needs, while you keep your kids from uttering the dreaded words, “We’re bored!”

Finding Simple Crafts

The Internet can be a great place to find activities and crafts that will interest your kids. Many of the crafts don’t require special supplies, and often they use items you already have in your house. Here are a few websites that provide great, low maintenance crafting suggestions:

This site is run by Long Island resident Betty Bose, her daughter and granddaughter. Each day they offer at least one new craft, and the crafts are typically geared to a variety of ages. Best of all, when you click on the “Contributors” button at the bottom, you’ll see other sites to visit for additional crafts and activities.

With a variety of craft ideas, one contributor of the site suggests using just using the sun, a leaf, construction paper and patience to create an easy, fun craft. On a sunny day, arrange leaves on pieces of dark construction paper outside in the sun. Wait about an hour, remove the items and you’ll discover that the sun has left behind silhouettes of the items. Don’t be tempted to peek before that hour is up, because it will be almost impossible to position the items exactly the way they were.

The author of this site enjoys doing craft projects, and offers a variety of ideas, along with detailed instructions and photos. Each link features easy crafts for kids. There’s also a “tips and techniques” page, with articles on such subjects as working with clay, basic jewelry making and a homemade soap-making recipe. She also links to some of her favorite craft sites.

Share Your Thoughts and Insights With Us

Do you have suggestions on simple craft projects for kids, or favorite crafting websites? We’d love you to share your tips and suggestions with us. Please share with us your ideas and questions below.

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