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If Kristen Sayers had ever wondered what people meant by “the power of words,” now she knows. “I’m afraid you have breast cancer,” the doctor told her on that August day in 2012. Those were the six words that left her shocked, numb, and in disbelief. She was a 32-year-old wife and mother, a pediatric nurse practitioner who was healthy, ate right and exercised. But that summer, Kristen found herself gearing up for a fight against cancer. In February 2013, after six rounds of chemotherapy and a bilateral mastectomy, she was pronounced cancer-free.

How Kristen Won Her Battle

Kristen emerged victorious from her fight with cancer by using her own brand of courage, some well-chosen allies and yes, an array of powerful words that told her she was not alone in her journey. After being diagnosed, Kristen started her personal CaringBridge Site to invite friends, family and coworkers with her on the journey. She used the Journal to keep family and friends up-to-date on her progress. They returned a continuous flow of messages to Kirsten through her Site’s Guestbook.

“The words of love and inspiration were so helpful,” she says, “lifting me up in a time of need, reminding me that I had an army of people behind me, fighting this disease with me. I certainly never felt alone but instead, incredibly loved.”

Thousands of People like Kristen use CaringBridge every day to Connect with Their Friends and Family

Those connections are critical because they carry the love, hope and compassion that heals. And your support is critical to ensure that CaringBridge will always be available to simplify communication between loved ones when it is needed most.

Please Make a Donation to CaringBridge

With your help, thousands more people will experience the power of CaringBridge. That’s what we mean when we ask you to help Spring Us Forward! Your generous gift will ensure that families like Kristen’s can easily and quickly connect to encouragement and hope when it’s really needed.

About the Author:

Janice Aune is Chairperson of the CaringBridge Board of Directors. She has served in many executive leadership positions including senior executive officer at U.S. West (now Qwest) and president of the INTERPRISE division, the firm’s technology and innovations arm. She is also past chair and CEO of Onvoy, Inc., a Minnesota-based telecommunications innovator and has served on many corporate boards including the Minnesota High Technology Assn. and the Women’s Healthcare Trust.


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  • By Tara Wilson

    I believe this sight shows the best of humanity. Someday, I hope I can donate to your cause.

  • By Annabelle Yaunke

    I can say that I have kept up with many of the persons who are on the site and its so great to know another person who has gone thru the battles with cancer way to go keep up the good work thank you annabelle yaunke