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As someone who is following a loved one’s CaringBridge site, I know firsthand that there are days when words are not enough—days you long for the perfect gesture (a meal, card, gift, etc.) to brighten their day.

For me that perfect gesture is often creating a handmade craft. So I want to share some easy-to-make craft ideas that are sure to warm the heart. Whether you craft in honor of a family member experiencing a health journey or simply want a friend to know how much you appreciate them, I hope these “ get well soon craft ideas” inspire you to spread acts of caring in your community.

May Day Memories

According to Wikipedia, May Day honors the beginning of spring and some people celebrate by anonymously leaving a small basket of flowers on neighbors’ doorsteps.

Growing up, my siblings and I gave our neighbors friendship wreaths instead of baskets. We would hang them on their doors, ring the bell and run away giggling. From a hiding spot, we gleefully watched them open their door and look around for the person who left the pleasant surprise. It was so much fun that this is a tradition I continue today.

Step by step: How to create your wreath


2 – 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of heavy paper (cardstock)

school glue
stapler 10 paperclips
16” of ribbon

Constructing your friendship wreath
1) Using both sheets, cut your paper into ten 1”x11” strips.

2) Fold each strip in half (so it becomes 1″ x 5.5″). Take the free ends and fold them towards each other to form a heart. Pinch in place and secure with a staple one inch from the base of the free end (if you do it too low, the heart will not hold its shape). Do the same with the other strips until you have ten hearts.

3) Place your hearts in a circle on a flat surface, with the rounded edges facing out. Observe where they line up next to each other and place a dab of glue in this spot between each heart. Let it dry for four hours. To keep them secure while they dry, I like to place paperclips over the glued sections.

4) Once your circle of hearts has dried, you’ll want to thread your ribbon in between two hearts and tie a knot. I leave two hearts between where I thread the ribbon. This spacing helps the circle hold its shape.

5) Trim the ribbon edges and hand your wreath on the door of someone you know!

Other Ways to Share your Wreath

Friendship wreaths aren’t just for May Day. You can make them in honor of a birth, present them to a friend or family member who could use a little cheer during a challenging time, give one with information about a loved one’s CaringBridge site (kind of like a visual prayer chain) or use it as a Mother’s Day gift. This project can be easily personalized for any occasion and kids can do it too!

Do you have a suggestion for our next “caring craft?” Tell us about it! The more tips, resources and stories, the better!

Leave a comment and tell me about your crafting specialty.

About the Author:

Signe Peterson is a guest blogger for CaringBridge.


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