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Celebrating Caregiver Month with a “Recipe for Ripples”

How to create ripples

How to Change the World, one Small Act at a Time

Even the biggest revolutions start small. First, an idea. Then many modest acts which, like ripples on a pond, spread out, overlap each other, and suddenly surge into something that changes millions of lives.

CaringBridge staffer Melissa Bear believes in this, and has a “recipe for ripples” that can apply to anyone. “One person’s act of caring can create a ripple effect that becomes larger than that single action,” she says. Her own “acts” are the caregiving tasks she does for her family and friends. “I try to spread the culture of caring every day.”

Now she wants to share some practical community help ideas with you and the 65 million other individuals in America who contribute their time and effort to help someone who’s on a health journey.

Some Fast, Easy Ways to Start Ripples of Your Own

A simple act of caring can be the ripple that spreads to create a whole pool of helping community ideas. I believe that conscious action is the most powerful tool we have to create a movement.

Step 1: Start Small and Easy — it’s Addictive!

  • Help the elderly neighbor shovel her walk.
  • Have your children share their toys at the playground.
  • Give a stranger in line a smile.
  • Schedule a “meal train” for a sick co-worker with a meal calendar.

Step 2: Re-mix Your Traditions

When you celebrate the holidays with family, turn your empathy into action.

  • Do a holiday family volunteer project in place of exchanging gifts.
  • Ask your friends to donate to a favorite nonprofit on your birthday in honor of you.
  • Have each family member share a favorite moment of joy from the day, week, etc.
  • Invite someone who might need a little extra support over for dinner.

Step 3: Let your Acts “Simmer”

This takes a little time, but you can watch your acts will add up to something BIG. First you’ll see it in the people close to you and the changes in their behavior. Then it’ll come to you in notes and thank-yous from the heart as people respond to your acts of caregiving. Hopefully, they’ll build the ripple effect into their lives, too.

Share Your Ideas and Insights, too

If you’re a Caregiver, you’re changing the world. That’s why it’s National Family Caregiver Month.

Please take a moment to share your motivation for being a part of CaringBridge and our mission — and your recipes for creating ripples. I know you have a ton more ideas to share!

About the Author:

Melissa Bear is Director of Customer Relationship Marketing with CaringBridge. She is a mom of two, one a little diva and the other managing ADHD. She is dedicated to making the world a better place. Topics close to her heart: health support management, early childhood education and caregiver stress.


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