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Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief

Meditation can be a quick and easy way to relax.

Here are some meditation myths: you need at least an hour, an abundance of floor pillows, an affinity for incense, and a private guru to guide you. The truth: As little as 15 minutes a day of simple relaxation techniques help you achieve increased immunity, emotional balance, lower blood pressure, […]

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Our Family of the Month – November 2013

November Family of the Month

Every month, CaringBridge likes to recognize a caregiver or family that exemplifies our mission to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world. Heather and Michael’s second pregnancy in 2008 had been fairly normal; nothing had been flagged as worrisome as the due date arrived. Within minutes of giving birth […]

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Six Ways to Find Time For Yourself

Six ways to find time for yourself

When you get on an airplane, you hear the drill: In case of emergency, put on your own oxygen mask, then help others. “I probably use that analogy in every class I teach,” says Jenny West, Caregiver Support Community Educator at Family Means in Stillwater, Minnesota. “You have to be […]

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Keeping Your Job While Caregiving

Keeping your job while caregiving can seem impossible but it doesn't have to be.

Caregiving can often be uncharted waters. Add in the juggle of a day job, and it can feel downright impossible to navigate. What to do when an unpredictable, important personal situation and the need for a paycheck and professional outlet collide? Leanna Smith at the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging […]

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Be Smart When Managing Multiple Medications

Smartly Managing Multiple Prescriptions

It can be daunting for family caregivers to keep track of multiple medications for loved ones. But the more you know about each prescription and why it’s needed, and the more you ask for help from health-care professionals, the easier it is to avoid problems. Geriatrician James Pacala, M.D., the […]

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