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Your Impact in 2013

2013 CaringBridge Infographic


CaringBridge Impact: 2013 Infographic

Two things make this even more amazing.

First, behind every one of those numbers is a story of love, hope and compassion shared from one heart to another.

Second, every one of those stories was made possible by the generosity of CaringBridge users and supporters — people like you who believe in the healing power of connection.

Thank you for all you made possible in 2013!

CaringBridge Impact in 2013 

More than 43 million people from around the world visited CaringBridge in 2013, sharing 843 messages of love, hope, support and strength every hour.

101,000 CaringBridge donors and volunteers made it possible for 76,000 families to share their health journey surrounded by a caring community.

One Life-Changing Story

Michele P. recalls how CaringBridge made a huge difference for her. “CaringBridge was a lifeline between me, my daughter and all of the people who loved and cared about us,” she says.

Read Michele’s story.

About the Author:

Michelle Van Engen is the Senior E-communications Specialist at CaringBridge, communicating with families on a health journey since 2010. When she’s not online, she’s probably reading, playing volleyball, baking or checking items off her life list.


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4 Replies

  • By Norma De Vilbiss

    Caring bridge, you’re awesome!

    • By Brent Swanson

      Thanks, Norma! You’re pretty swell, too!

  • By Bonnie

    I’m curious to know the results of the matching grant on 12/31?

    • By Brent Swanson

      Great question! Thanks to our generous donors, not only was the match met — it was exceeded and allowed us to meet our year end fundraising goal of $1M.