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The “More Caring Messages” Greeting Card Contest Winners


A photographer, a dedicated friend, a doctor: each of these individuals brought a unique point of view that resulted in a winning card in the “More Caring Messages” greeting card contest from CaringBridge and Hallmark Cards.

The winners included Holly Hildreth of Columbus, O.H., Elaine Mathis of Irmo, S.C., and Dr. Michelle Brosnan of Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Their entries were illustrated by Hallmark artists and are available online.

Holly, a photographer, says she was inspired to enter the contest by her close relationship with her grandmother, who recently passed away after a battle with cancer. “She was everything a grandma should be,” Holly says. “She loved her children and grandchildren to the ends of the earth.”

Though her grandmother passed away in April, Holly says she’s comforted knowing how much love and support her family offered her grandmother during her journey through cancer. “I know it meant the world to her knowing she was loved and wasn’t leaving this world alone,” she says.

Inspired by Her Friend’s CaringBridge Website

Elaine, a program manager at the American Cancer Society, says she was inspired to enter the contest while reading the CaringBridge website of Sue, a friend who was going through cancer treatments. “Sue’s journal entries are threaded with such wisdom, courage and hope,” Elaine says.

Elaine donated her prize money from the contest to CaringBridge in Sue’s honor. “I’m looking forward to giving her the first card when it’s released,” Elaine says.

Michelle, a doctor who spent more than eight years as an emergency-room physician, says she was inspired to write her card by all the patients she had met. “I usually saw them at their sickest, most vulnerable time,” she says. “What always struck me the most was how strong some of these patients could be, even when faced with what would appear to be insurmountable obstacles.”

“I made my card for all the fighters I have come across as a physician,” Michelle says. “I just thought, ‘What kind of card would I want to send to each of my patients that has fought the fight of their lives?’”

See all the winning cards at Hallmark.com, where you can save 20% on your personalized card order if you use the code CARE20. Get a sneak preview of the cards below.


Hallmark Card Winners

You're not alone, ranger!

I'm there whenever you need me, Chemo-sabe!

Writing submitted by Joelle Beebe.

Joelle knows how important support is during a difficult time. She recently went through a medical scare, and as Joelle says, "Friends, family, and loved ones were beside me." She credits them for inspiring her writing for this card.

Hallmark Card Winner

You put the zing in amazing!

I'm in awe of your strength.

Writing submitted by Veronica Biazo.

When Veronica was thinking up a word to describe someone going through a serious illness, "amazing" kept coming to mind. She wanted to stress how strong and special people are. As she says, "They put the zing in it!"

Hallmark Card Winner

You came. You saw. You conquered cancer.

Congrats on your remission!

Writing submitted by Dr. Michelle Brosnan.

As a physician, Michelle has witnessed the bravery of cancer patients firsthand. She says, "This card was inspired by all the cancer patients I have cared for throughout the years, all those patients who have battled their disease with the utmost bravery."

Hallmark Card Winner

Your life. Your cancer. Our fight.

You will not go through this alone.

Writing submitted by Shani Fassbender.

Shani, a mom and preschool director, drew on the experiences of friends and loved ones as she wrote this card. She says she was inspired by cancer survivors, fighters, those who have lost the fight, and their caretakers.

Hallmark Card Winner

You know the fish at the bottom of the tank? You know, the ones that suck up the poop from the other fish?

Cancer sucks even more than a poop-sucking fish. But I'm swimming by your side.

Writing submitted by Jenny Fenlason.

When Jenny was coming up with her card idea, all she could think was, "Cancer sucks!" When she asked her friend Elisabeth about other sucky things, her friend mentioned fish. Jenny turned that great idea into a card that definitely does not suck.

Hallmark Card Winner

An apple a day won't really keep the doctor away...

But a good fart might! Hang in there!

Writing submitted by Ryan Fosnow.

Ryan, who works a delivery job during the day and as a musician at night, would like to remind you that, "A well-timed fart can work in your favor." Noted, Ryan. He also says, "Life is full of funny stuff." We'll add this card to the list.

Hallmark Card Winner

Now that the treatments are over and you feel like dancing...

Remember, you were never very good at it.

Writing submitted by Denise Harvey.

When Denise thought about what to write for this card, she thought about her friends and family who have overcome medical struggles. "Now they are doing some of the things they looked forward to doing again," says Denise.

Hallmark Card Winner

I am with you, in your corner, on your team.

Gloves up!

Writing submitted by Lana Head.

Lana says she has a love for, "big ideas and beautiful words." When writing her card, she thought about "how a little bit of care and support at the right time can really help brighten things up for someone."

Hallmark Card Winner

It's a long road to recovery...

But I've never been one to turn a road trip! I'm here for you.

Writing submitted by Holly Hildreth.

Holly was inspired by her grandma, Evelyn, when she wrote this card. Sadly, Evelyn has terminal cancer. Holly says, "Although there is no 'road to recovery' for her, sometimes knowing that there's someone who is willing to be with you every step of the way means the world."

Hallmark Card Winner

If anyone can beat this, it's you.

But I'll be right behind you with a big stick, just in case.

Writing submitted by Caroline Machiraju.

Stay-at-home mom Caroline says she didn't think too long and hard about what to write for this card. "I just thought to myself, 'What would I say to someone in a personal conversation, if they knew they were faced with this battle?'"

Hallmark Card Winner

During your journey, you've become a stronger, even more beautiful you.

You're an inspiration.

Writing submitted by Elaine Mathis.

Elaine was inspired by her friend Sue, who has gracefully embraced her cancer journey. Sue's CaringBridge entries exude faith and hope. Elaine directs programs and resources for hospitality houses serving cancer patients and their caregivers.

Hallmark Card Winner

When I found out you had cancer, I thought to myself, no worries.

I've seen this chick fight before.

Writing submitted by Summer Ruegger.

Stay-at-home mom Summer was inspired by a couple of family members who were recently diagnosed with cancer. When writing her card, she says, "Encouragement along with empowerment was my main objective."

Hallmark Card Winner

You might have heard a lot of people tell you they understand. But I just want to tell you I don't understand.

And yet I want you to know that I'm here for you in whatever way you need me to be. You don't have to struggle alone.

Writing submitted by Alycia Shahid.

When Alycia was working as a nurses' aide, she saw how tempting it could be "to try to offer up an answer to the person who is struggling with a serious illness." But sometimes, she says, letting the patient do the talking is the best way to offer support.

Hallmark Card Winner

When times get tough, you find out what you're made of.

Turns out you're 100% badass.

Writing submitted by Jenny Turnbull.

Jenny says, "It's often the way we mentally approach an uphill battle that helps us power through, overcome, and succeed. Tat bring-it-on attitude helps us shake the small stuff and conquer the big stuff."

Hallmark Card Winner

With your courageous spirit, inner strength, and amazing attitude...

You inspire us all.

Writing submitted by Shelia Wipperman.

Shelia says she was inspired by her husband when thinking up this card. Several years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening disease. "Through his faith," says Shelia, "he has the strength to carry on with an amazing attitude."



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About the Author:

Melissa Maggio is the Senior Public Relations Specialist at CaringBridge.


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    The messages and cards are beautiful! Congrats to the winners! I love that Hallmark and CaringBridge are working together; what a wonderful pairing. Keep up the good work!

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    What a wonderful idea ! Being a Kansas City girl at heart, I’m extra pleased that Hallmark Cards stepped up to the plate to be a part of this encouraging project.

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    What a wonderful idea or all scrapbookers. We are always making cards, we have so many pieces so paper left over from our projects. We could send some from our Northern Guild in Sycamore. Where could we send some to the children in these hospital going for threatments? My our grand daughter is a Caring Bridge child fighting an unknown illness for almost 5 years.

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    Congratulations to all the winners. All the messages are touching and uplifting. I hope Hallmark and CaringBridge continues in the future in this wonderful joint venture.