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About Sona Mehring

Sona Mehring is the founder and CEO of CaringBridge, a nonprofit offering many ways for people to care for each other during any type of health event. CaringBridge offers personal, protected websites to connect family and friends when it matters most. Follow Sona on Twitter – @gogosona.

Sona's Posts:

Got Philanthropy?

Why do we use a hard to spell, hard to pronounce, four-syllable word like philanthropy to describe the basic human quality of caring? To me, philanthropy is the basic concept of people helping people. Philanthropy can be helping a neighbor rake their yard, visiting someone’s CaringBridge site and leaving a message or cheering someone on at a race. “I’m not […]

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CaringBridge: 17 Years of Sharing Love

Love.  Can’t see it.  Can’t hear it.   Can’t touch it.  Can’t smell it.  Can’t taste it.  Or can you? At CaringBridge.org there is evidence of all five senses embracing love.  Seeing a journal entry from your Aunt and knowing what is happening with your Uncle – there is love. Hearing the tone of voice in a guestbook entry – there […]

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What We’re All About

From the start, CaringBridge has sought to be a caring social network that spreads the impact of love, hope and compassion throughout the world. That idea is so important to us, in fact, that we’ve made it our mission. Caring at the Core The concept that fuels CaringBridge today got its start in 1997, when I got a call from […]

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A Special CaringBridge Video Thank You to Each of You

Sometimes, connection is more meaningful than anything else. You helped us make it possible for more individuals, families and friends than ever in 2012. Over 46 million people connected through CaringBridge last year, creating a big surge of love, hope and compassion that circles right back to you. You had a huge impact in 2012! A CaringBridge Video Made Just […]

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Online Privacy Is Making Headlines

Connecting to friends and family is an important part of everyone’s life. And doing so through social networks is easier than ever. But connecting with people close to you never included the idea that your messages and information might be made available and for sale to anyone and everyone. This is where many of today’s social networks aren’t aligned with […]

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What does “togetherness” mean to you?

Caregivers Help Create a Whole New Meaning for the Word By Sona Mehring, Founder and CEO of CaringBridge We asked our CaringBridge community the “togetherness” question to in early November, and for a while saw only a trickle of responses. But a few days before Thanksgiving, something happened. The trickle became a flood of thoughtful, personal and often inspiring messages. […]

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