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About Sona Mehring

Sona Mehring is the founder and chief ambassador of CaringBridge, the nonprofit organization created in 1997 so people experiencing a health journey can rally their community during a time of need. People invite close family and friends to read about their journey through their own personal CaringBridge website. In return, family and friends can show their love and support by posting encouraging messages. Follow Sona on Twitter – @gogosona.

Sona's Posts:

Honoring the Story that Started It All, 19 Years Ago

June 7, 1997, was the day baby Brighid was born. And with her birth came the birth of the first CaringBridge website. I created it so that my dear friends could tell their story and get support when she really needed it. The response it got, both from Brighid’s parents and Brighid’s followers—flipped a switch in my brain: Other people […]

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How a Second Chance Changed My Life

Second chances don’t usually drop out of the sky. But for Candice and Tim, that’s exactly what happened. Tim was a longtime alcoholic whose addiction slowly eroded their marriage. Candice stood by him as he tried and failed to turn his life around, but by 2011 she had finally had enough. Already living apart from Tim, she filed for a […]

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Caring for Two Parents through Illness and Hospice

Elizabeth knows what it’s like to be busy. She raises two teenagers with her husband and works full time in IT product management. On top of this, she authors the Savvy Sandwicher, a blog dedicated to helping caretakers take care of themselves while sandwiched between different generations of family members in need of care. Her sandwich was relatively open-faced until […]

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5 Best Ways to Be a Caregiver’s Cheerleader

In 1998, my mother Bonnie was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, and in 2001 she was stricken with liver cancer. As a nurse, my mother was the one providing care for others. She was even a caregiver for her mother, my Grandma Bessie, before she passed away in 1997 at the age of 94. But with her own cancer […]

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Got Philanthropy?

Why do we use a hard to spell, hard to pronounce, four-syllable word like philanthropy to describe the basic human quality of caring? To me, philanthropy is the basic concept of people helping people. Philanthropy can be helping a neighbor rake their yard, visiting someone’s CaringBridge site and leaving a message or cheering someone on at a race. “I’m not […]

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