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Nell Kauls

Nell Kauls is a writer who is passionate about producing great content that helps people in their lives. She also blogs about weightloss and wellness at My Life Lived With Fat.

How to decide what to share in your health journal

What — and how much — to share in a Personal Health Journal

Many people keep a journal, a place where they can write down everything from daily events to their innermost thoughts and feelings. It can be a very personal, even therapeutic exercise, especially when the writer is experiencing a health journey, or is a caretaker helping a friend or family member […]

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Welcome! We have Uplift!

Our new Uplift blog—how to care, how to cope, how to share the hope

CaringBridge has been here for families, friends and loved ones for more than 15 years. Our new blog, Uplift, is the newest way we hope to help. We’ll be sharing entries that speak to what it means to care and to cope. Because we’ve always believed that support matters most […]

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One social network that promises not to “monetize” you

Founder and CEO Sona Mehring helps keep you and your CaringBridge health social network safe and secure

CaringBridge CEO Sona Mehring and Amplifier Jenny Counsell recently spoke about the benefits of sharing health updates in an ad-free space on American Public Media’s Marketplace Tech Report. Though CaringBridge gets calls from potential advertisers almost daily, Sona said we’ll continue to embrace the charitable giving model that has sustained […]

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A life lived with fat—my health journey

Weight loss story has a happy ending.

As a writer for CaringBridge, I try to be an Amplifier in all that I do for my day-to-day work activities. I find it so rewarding to play a part in supporting people facing any health condition—whether big or small, acute or long term—and those who care for them. However, […]

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Nutrition: the foundation of self-care for caregivers

A balanced, well-planned diet helps to prevent caregiving stress.

I first heard Darlene Kvist speak about the life-changing power of good nutrition in May, 2007 on her weekly radio show, Dishing Up Nutrition. At the time, I was 100 pounds overweight and feeling hopeless about my health (read my story). With her guidance, I got well and drastically improved […]

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