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Katie Dohman is a freelance writer living in West St. Paul with her husband, two babies and two rescue mutts. You can find her on Twitter @katiedohman.

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Unexpected Bumps, and a Community to Get Them Through

Earlier, we met the Bushaws: Expecting parents who had their expectations turned on their heads when they discovered they were awaiting mono/mono twins: a high-risk, highly rare case of identical little boys. At Natalie’s twenty-eighth week, she was admitted to the hospital for monitoring and spent seven weeks there before the birth took place. During those long weeks in the […]

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A Tale of Two Babies

The journey to becoming a parent is rife with surprises. From the first positive test to all the rest. They’re supposed to be happy ones—or, at least, fulfill those parenthood rites of passage. With that optimism in mind, Ben and Natalie Bushaw set off to their first ultrasound. There they received the first of many giant surprises: It wasn’t just […]

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From Feeling Alone to Moving On

Earlier, we met Ben and Ashley. When Ben survived a near-fatal head-on car collision during his morning commute, Ashley, his steadfast girlfriend, took on a caregiver role. During his time in a coma and as he recovered from a traumatic brain injury and multiple bodily injuries from the wreck, Ashley stayed by Ben’s side and ran his CaringBridge website. The […]

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Facing the Unknown, Together

Nothing bad is supposed to happen to young people. They are full of potential and good health and nearly invincible. At least that’s how it seems it should be. Ben and Ashley, on the verge of some of life’s biggest moments—engagement ring shopping, house hunting—found their lives changed in an instant. It was a sunny fall day when Ashley got […]

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Healing Starts With You

Last week, you met the Pierson family—a big, bright, loving family who has been working together tirelessly to fight Joe Bully, a brain tumor in 8-year-old Gavin’s head. Families like the Piersons exemplify just exactly how clear communication and widespread support can help illuminate a path during a health journey’s darkest days. At CaringBridge, we want to help facilitate that […]

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Gratitude While Facing Crisis

“It’s the very real presence of people expressing their compassion of encouraging me in each moment.” – Jeffery Ford Jeffery Ford and his wife Lynette Marshall have “gotten off the ash heap” many times because of the intervention of the simplest things. Over the last year and a half, Jeffery has been battling back from an infection that sent him […]

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