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Karen Curtiss

Karen Curtiss is a national leader in patient and family education for hospital care. She wrote her book “Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Must-Have Checklists and Tools for Your Loved One’s Care” after her own family members were harmed by common hazards in hospital care. She is a frequent speaker at health care conferences where nurses and doctors are interested in learning how to collaborate with patients and families with her safe & sound checklists. Karen’s book is available at SafeAndSoundBooks.com and on Amazon.

Medication Management for Seniors

Important tips on medication management for seniors.

A recent Yale study revealed that fully 75 percent of patients 65 or older don’t understand their medication routine after leaving the hospital — or they get an incorrect prescription at discharge. No wonder one of every three seniors ends up back in the hospital!  In fact, many older patients […]

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This Hospital Safety Checklist Can Help You Avoid Readmissions After Discharge

A Checklist to Avoid Going Back to the Hospital

Fact: 20 to 30 Percent of All Patients End Up Back in the Hospital Within a Month Often, it’s because they can’t drive to get prescriptions filled or make it to follow-up doctor appointments. Sometimes patients ignore signs of health problems after a hospital stay, hoping they’ll just “go away”. […]

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Hospitals Can Be Dangerous – Tips to Protect Your Loved Ones From Infections and Accidents.

There are easy ways to prevent the most common hazards in a hospital

Thanks to a wealth of great medical websites, we’ve never had access to more knowledge about health conditions and treatment choices. However, the average caretaker or advocate knows much less about potentially-harmful complications known as “Hospital Acquired Conditions,” or “HACs” that can be dangerous — even deadly. National Patient Safety Awareness […]

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