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Janice Aune is Chairperson of the CaringBridge Board of Directors. She has served in many executive leadership positions including senior executive officer at U.S. West (now Qwest) and president of the INTERPRISE division, the firm’s technology and innovations arm. She is also past chair and CEO of Onvoy, Inc., a Minnesota-based telecommunications innovator and has served on many corporate boards including the Minnesota High Technology Assn. and the Women’s Healthcare Trust.

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Only Donations Keep Love, Hope and Compassion Flowing

If Kristen Sayers had ever wondered what people meant by “the power of words,” now she knows. “I’m afraid you have breast cancer,” the doctor told her on that August day in 2012. Those were the six words that left her shocked, numb, and in disbelief. She was a 32-year-old wife and mother, a pediatric nurse practitioner who was healthy, […]

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