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Bette Scott

Bette Scott, a teacher in Pennsylvania, has a heart for caregivers and seniors alike, inspiring her to start a caregiver’s support group in her community in 2010. It now has 20 members. She is a longtime friend of CaringBridge, giving her time as one of our Amplifiers. She also works for two Home Health Agencies – currently doing coursework for certification – and knows the value of environments that nurture and encourage people.

Tips for Caregivers: Balancing Your Needs

How a caregiver can balance needs better.

After a stroke left her mother with significant limitations, Bette Scott gladly stepped up to be her caregiver. In contrast to a former life of independence, her mom now had to use a walker, couldn’t drive and needed help organizing medications and appointments. Bette’s father was deceased, so her mother […]

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