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Abby Brown is a 25-year veteran educator in a little elementary school on a hill perched above the St. Croix River in Minnesota — a teacher who has been beloved by two generations of school children in the small town upon which Garrison Keillor largely based his fictional Lake Wobegon. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the entire town took to her CaringBridge website to support every step of her discovery and recovery, which in turn inspired her to publish her first book, "What About the Hair Down There".

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A Story that Started Right Here: Journaling About Cancer

Writing is something I have always enjoyed (well, with the exception of required research papers.) But a busy lifestyle as a teacher and mother hadn’t allowed time for much more than an annual holiday letter these past years. Being on a medical leave during my breast cancer treatment brought my fingers to the keyboard, though. The intention was to share […]

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