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Our Caregiver of the Month – April 2013

Susan, April Caregiver of the Month

We’d like to recognize our April 2013 caregiver of the month, Susan. She exemplifies our mission to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier.

It is widely known that caregiving takes significant time and energy for all involved. We are amazed every day with the people, while amidst their own health journey or a loved one’s journey, who give back even more and help those in their extended communities. Time and time again, these special individuals and supporters of CaringBridge reach out to us and want to know they can get involved and positively impact not only their immediate friends and families, but others as well.

Our caregiver of the month of April is Susan W., a wife, mother, grandmother and volunteer. She is an excellent example of bravery, positivity and inspiration. Here is her inspiring story:

Susan first came to CaringBridge three years ago when her husband, Gene, was diagnosed with cancer. Susan immediately felt the hope and compassion within her caring community.

“CaringBridge has been instrumental and so valuable to my husband and I over the last three years with his cancer battles I cannot even express how grateful we’ve been for your site. It has helped my husband so much and provided so much support to me as well as a caregiver.”

For Susan and Gene, CaringBridge was a powerful tool that supported them during their time of need. And, it acted as a catalyst for Susan to assist others when they could use a helping hand the most.

Susan soon began volunteering for CaringBridge. When asked why she volunteers for CaringBridge, Susan replied, “CaringBridge is timeless, always available, easy to set up, simple to use and alleviates the stress of what we’ve been through and continue to go through… so I would like to give back and be a part of the future of CaringBridge.”

Susan’s altruistic actions inspire and represent a truly wonderful glimpse into our users, supporters and volunteers and the amazing things they do to make health journeys easier and to amplify caring throughout the world.

Who Do You Know?

Do you know a caregiver who does something truly amazing and selfless for others? Please share with us your wonderful stories of love, hope and compassion in the comment section below.

About the Author:

Laura Ashburn works as a Content Specialist in San Diego. In her free time she enjoys cooking whenever she can and spending time exploring California and all it has to offer.


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3 Replies

  • By Susan White

    Here I am browsing on FB and see this come up which of course brought tears to my eyes. My husband is currently getting his caregiving in the hospital unfortunately and I miss him. He went into the hospital a month ago and was given steroids and then the same night given Ambien. So he got up in a “dream” and fell into the hospital sink and broke three ribs. This has taken a lot out of him and who would ever think this could happen IN THE HOSPITAL I think that Ambien drug does strange things to people obviously. Thank you CaringBridge for telling our story and hope it amplifies others to connect and support your wonderful organization.

  • By Lowie

    you are surrounded with love always,
    Cindy!<3 <3

  • By Bickley

    You have such a big heart, Susan, and I’m thrilled to be one of your oh-so-many friends. Love, healing, and peace to you and to Gene as he continues his struggle back to good health.