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A Pledge to Use Technology for Good

2014: A Pledge to Use Technology for Good

I’ve noticed a new trend amongst friends in the last several years. I see ‘Facebook Hiatus’ posts go up around the first of the year and profile photos on various social networks swapped out for ‘on social media vacation.’

I wholeheartedly agree that we all need time to unplug from the distractions in our life so that we can spend time focusing on the things that really matter but is disconnecting the only way to do that? Let’s reconsider taking a hiatus and instead focus on a few mantras or guidelines, if you will, to help us along the way.

Let Technology Reflect What Matters to You

  • Be conscious of the amount of time you spend using your technological devices and what content you’re choosing to consume. We have the opportunity to be mindful of what we say, share or view. Positive words, stories and images benefit us all!
  • We have the chance to use technology in ways that authentically reflect what matters most to us in life. Are you committed to self care and healthy living? There’s an app for that. Do you love staying in touch with loved ones when you need it most? That’s what CaringBridge is for! (I might be a bit biased.)

Use Technology for the Greater Good

Technology doesn’t just have to be on an individual level. Here are two conferences that allow people to connect, share information and inspire others to use technology in a positive way.

  • Compassion & Technology Conference. I had the great opportunity to join the founder of CaringBridge Sona Mehring at the conference. What a day of inspiration! We heard from academics, scientists, tech-heads, and non-profit leaders from around the world who are using technology for good.
  • Wisdom 2.0 Conference.This is another great conference where people unite to talk about how we use technology to benefit ourselves, those around us, and the world beyond. If you’re interested in attending this conference it will be held February 14-17 in San Francisco. Be sure to use the code CaringBridgeWisdom15 at check to receive 15% off of your tickets.

Stay Connected Beyond Your Devices

Staying digitally connected isn’t the only way to stay genuinely connected. Our devices allow us to stay connected with loved ones even when we’re apart but shouldn’t be where connecting stops. Connect both on and offline to sure your relationships are truly complete. Virtual hugs are great, but real hugs are even better!

If you’re looking for interesting and unique ways to connect offline this year, check out these events:

  •  Digital Detox. Camp Grounded – a technology-free adult summer camp.
  •  National Day of Unplugging. Yet another fun way to temporarily unplug. For 24-hours March 7-8, people from around the world will pledge to remain “unplugged”.

Your Technological Mantras and Guidelines

Do you have more technology for good mantras or guidelines that you’re sticking to this year? We’d love to hear them! Share in the comments or email your ideas to blog@caringbridge.org.

About the Author:

Mariah Rooney O’Brien is the Strategic & Brand Marketing Manager at CaringBridge. In her free time, she teaches trauma-sensitive yoga, hangs with her two ginormous dogs, and her lovely husband.


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  • By Michelle

    One of my favorite bloggers has written about exactly this – how to have a balanced approach to unplugging. We each need to find a way to use technology that works for us every day, instead of resorting to desperate all-or-nothing digital detoxes after we’re already overwhelmed.

    Here’s her post from last summer. It includes several intersting media articles about the topic: http://apracticalwedding.com/2013/04/unplugged-challenge/

  • By Michelle

    Pinterest is full of images promoting unplugging. I like this one!
    (source: http://www.mediaonmars.com.au)

  • By Michelle

    Unplugging every once in a while is good for you.